Advance System Care 3 (Version 3.7.2) – Review

Advance System Care 3 is one of the most powerful software ever for cleaning and maintaining your Windows. The difference that it makes in the performance of your system is simply unbelievable. All that you have to do to take full advantage of Advance System Care 3 is in just a few clicks. In fact if you install the program on default setting then Advance System Care 3 will run at startup and optimize you system for you each time you start your PC.

Broadly speaking there are 3 main sections in Advance System Care 3:

  • Maintain Windows – by clicking on this section, Advance System Care 3 will automatically run Registry Clean, Spyware Removal, Privacy Sweep and finally Junk File Removal. (this is all that it take to completely maintain your Windows)
  • Diagnose System – by clicking on this section, Advance System Care 3 will automatically run System Optimization Tool, Defragment your Disk, Detect installed Spywares and finally scan your system for Hijacked Settings.

When you run this for the first time it would take around 15 minutes (depending on your system speed), afterwards it takes only a minutes.

  • Utilities Section – in this section you will find some tools, some of these tools are already a part of Advance System Care 3 and for the rest of them you have to down load them. These tools are small add-ons to Advance System Care 3, for the free version you will have to run them on regular bases. However if you chose to buy the paid version then you can schedule different task to run automatically. There are some additional features available for the paid version of Advance System Care 3 and they promise to further increase your system speed if you chose purchase it. Nevertheless, the free version without any doubt is worth trying out, you can very easily experience the true capabilities of its tools and feature.


Advance System Care 3 is a must have software, it is in true sense a one-stop-shop for cleaning, maintain and in some cases slightly tweaking your Windows. Advance System Care 3 supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 (all versions in both 32 bit and 64 bit).


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