Apple Wins Yet Another Patent

So, Apple now officially owns the digital page turn feature.

In a patent that was granted to Apple this past week by the US Patent Office, they have rightfully earned the rights to the animation used for page-turning, which was originally filed in December 2011 as the showy design for a display.

The first people to report this victory was the Apple Insider. They reported the patent, given the title of “Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface”, will cover the digital page curl that appears when a user swipes his finger across the screen to turn a page on their phone’s screen. It also refers to the vertical swiping feature, moving the top/bottom portion of the page and not just limited to side to side movements.

There are various apps in Apple’s arsenal that take advantage of this features like their Maps app or their Calendar. Besides these two, there are many more apps on the iOS platform that offer this feature integrated and, now, you will only see this feature on an iOS device.

It actually seems like something you would point and laugh and many big personalities also made this reference. Nick Bilton of the New York Times wrote in a blog post that we swears he saw something very similar in terms of animation in cartoons made by Warner Brothers or Disney. That is somewhat of a low blow by Mr. Bilton there but I guess he is somewhat right with this point. He made a statement where he said, “This is where readers are probably checking the URL of this article to make sure it’s The New York Times and not The Onion.”

Apple fought pretty hard for this patent. They fought for this right making the argument that their curling-page animation uses a specific type of technology that isn’t used by other page-flipping apps and/or e-readers. Really? Are they serious?

Bilton went continues to give his insight on the matter. He pointed out that Apple continuously pursues patents that the public considers to be ridiculous like the glass staircase used in their retail stores or the packing of their flagship iPhone smartphone. But they have lost some of their recent patent fights, one of them being against the social network MySpace, in regards to their music app image since both are using a double-note on top of an orange, square background.

The new page-turn patent is just one of the 38 patents Apple has been awarded in the week. Other patents they have one include skin tone color boost for their devices’ cameras, low profile power adapter etc.


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