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One of the great new features of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is you can put widgets on your lock screen. This will feature, for the time being will only be seen on the upcoming Nexus devices. The Play Store is filled with widgets that can be applied on the lock screen  However, these widgets are only limited right now but all of these are surely to enhance the overall functionality of your screen. When you lock the screen, press the lock button again, and you will see an app functioning on your lock screen.

Let’s see what some of these lock screen apps are all about.

Quick Launch

Quick Launch Screen Lock

A powerful app for your lock screen. It allows users to add any widget of their choosing from their current collection on to the lock screen of their Android smartphone. It doesn’t matter what your app is, it can be a task manager, expense manager or even a music widget, and you won’t have to worry because it can be added on your lock screen. The downside of this app is that it’s fully of bugs especially if you’re using custom launchers. However, the developers have claimed they are working on an update but we’ll have to wait and see. Download at Google Play

quick launch screen lock android app2quick launch screen lock android app2quick launch screen lock android app2

Active Lock Screen

Active Lock Screen

Active Lock Screen is another app to give a preset plugins on your lock screen. This app has many different themes that can be applied on your lock screen as well as many shortcut apps that you can use to apply on your screen. These preset plug-ins include widgets and shortcuts for apps like Facebook to show you your status feed, a YouTube plug-in with pre-set channels and an RSS feeds plug-in. Download at Google Play

Active Lock Screen Active Lock Screen Active Lock Screen

Speed Launcher

Speed Launcher

Speed Launcher is another one of these apps to provide shortcuts and widgets right on your lockscreen. Speed Launcher has been execute din a rotary dial style and provides users with easy, quick access for calling and texting frequent contacts. If you want launch apps and have the ability to toggle between various connectivity options, then you can pay an extra $4 to pay for the Pro version. Upon buying the Speed Launcher Pro, you will see why it is one of the best lock screen apps out there. Download at Google Play

Speed LauncherSpeed LauncherSpeed Launcher

Go Locker

Go LockerGo LockerGo Locker

Go Locker is strong in customizing your home screen by giving it a look and feel that suits you. You can edit your lock screen to look like anything you want, ranging from the Window Phone 8 interface to the Sense UI and anything else found in between. Download at Google Play

Go LockerGo LockerGo Locker


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