Consumers Aren’t Eager for an Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft really drew out the crowd before launching the Windows 8 operating system. But it doesn’t seem like Microsoft was all that successful to develop and create a level of excitement for the new OS. According to a survey conducted by Avast, the anti-virus company, published in USA Today, many people are aware that their current Windows can be upgraded to Windows 8 but not many of these people have plans on making the switch, at least any time soon.

Besides this piece of bad news for Redmond, there’s more. The same study also showed that one-third of users currently running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, are willing to buy a new PC but they are willing and hoping to buy an Apple PC, most likely.

Redmond has revamped the entire Windows interface and has made a completely different experience as compared to the usual Windows experience. They have introduced a new concept to Windows users, a touchscreen interface with a mouse and keyboard. This area, for Windows, is actually pretty unfamiliar for this tech giant and it may turn on potential buyers because this is something Windows is not known to do.

Steve Kleyhans, an analyst from Gartner, told USA Today, “It doesn’t surprise me that people wouldn’t be in a rush to buy a new PC just because it has a new operating system”. He continued to say, “If Microsoft somehow demonstrated through its marketing that users can do new things in new ways that might start to get people interested.”

There were about 60% of people, who were polled that were Avant users, expressing they are aware of Windows 8 but, there are only 9% of these people who are actually willing and excited to buy a Windows 8 PC. Interestingly, more than 70% of people are planning to stay with the system and OS they are currently running, which is Windows 7 at the very top, and Windows XP and Vista at the following positions.

Currently at the moment, Microsoft has refused to comment on this issue and they are still to release the sales figure of their new Windows 8 operating system and PCs.

This week, not much has been done by Redmond to gain confidence in the new OS. It only took less than two weeks for Steven Sinofsky to be removed as the head of the Windows Division, who was a veteran of the company.

But these stats are nothing new to us because we have realized that people are not all excited by the release even though a lot of promotion and publicity was done. The anticipation of this release was high, undoubtedly, but for some odd reason, they weren’t able to exceed the expectations. But the new OS just came out and we are still to see the brighter side of things. With time, we will see improvements with this OS because we are pretty damn confident of Microsoft’s capabilities.

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