Published On: Wed, Dec 5th, 2012

Facebook Updates BlackBerry App and Integrates BBM

Facebook has updated its app on the BlackBerry platform, updating it to version 3.3. The new update has brought BlackBerry users with numerous improvements on the platform and many new features that will enhance the overall Facebook experience BB users go through.

First and foremost, the new application’s update will bring new aesthetic refreshment for users by creating new navigation icons, a status publisher and so much more which will change your experience for the better. The most important update, well at least for the most of us, is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) integration. With the all new Facebook 3.3, BlackBerry users will be able to add BBM friends and family and start BBM conversations directly from the Facebook app. What is considered to make this integration even cooler is that you can actually what contacts on your Facebook friends list are on BBM.

Two other improvements that are worth mentioning are the abilities to un-friend people along with an enhanced version of the photo viewer. Photos will appear in the view of thumbnails and allow you to browse through a lot more easily. Once you select a photo, you will enjoy the high resolution view. You’ll also experience a better performance when you switch between different shots.

Overall, the update sounds like something that will be worthy of an update. We would actually advise all BB users to stay connected with BB as people are slowly started to pay more attention to BB, starting with Facebook 3.3.


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