Published On: Mon, Dec 20th, 2010

Google has donated two open sources java tools to Eclipse Foundation worth $5M

To join the popular IDE suite in 2011, Google has donated two open sources java tools to Eclipse Foundation

CodePro AnalytiX and WindowBuilder are the tech giants which are the part of Google acquisition of Instantiations in august this year. In September Google has launched some tools of instantiation as open source software.

CodePro is interesting Eclipse plugin for “comprehensive automated software code quality and security analysis.” The toolkit included features from EclipsePro Audit and EclipsePro Test and generally attempted to improve code quality, maintenance and readability.

WYSIWYG code generator is one of those tools belongs to WindowBuilder. This drag-and-drop, bidirectional GUI designer for Java played nicely with a variety of frameworks, including the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), XML Windowing Toolkit (XWT), Swing and more. With support of Mac, Linux, Windows the extension of Eclipse make Java application a lot faster and simpler.

It’s been estimated that the software which has been launched and the train of eclipse which will be launched in June 2011 is word of $5 million.

Google is more emphasizing on Java, because of the huge blockbuster success of their android platform made them more focused on Java, which is a big part of Android stack. Google is launching it free of cost and investing a big amount in Java tools which is the investment for Google future Platform

We are not yet sure that these Java development is for mobile development, but one thing is for sure it will make better Java deys, with the help of more better and classy Android application will be made.

But we will be looking for more WYSIWYG-plus-code, drag-and-drop for Android Apps. If you know any tools from then do let us know through your comments.


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