Google Maps for Android to Add 3D and Offline Support

For Android Google Map5.0 is available in 3D with which life have become easier one can imagine; it works offline as well and 3D graphic give more accurate information.

The application is much faster as compared to previous versions as said by Gizmodo at Sans Francisco in D: Dive into mobile conference.

The map will adjust as you move, or you can rotate the map in any direction, dictated by the compass. 3D buildings give you street like view and you can tilt the image to check your virtual surrounding.

But the most exciting thing in the application is that it can work while in offline mode superb news for those who live underground on the subway and in shoddy areas.

The areas which users visit most frequently Said mode cache it. Gizmodo says, the quick demo of the Google Map5.0 for android showed us how New York City stayed in the memory; according to Google it will save 90% time of the users which they waste when the connection is bad and also re-route you if you missed any turn in the area where signal drops.

This application is not available at the moment, but when it will be launched it will require 1.6 Android or higher. As Android 2.3 is in the corner now it can be launched in any time. So we at Techclump suggest you to use this application at Android 2.2 or higher.


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