Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2012

How to Convert a WPS File Extension

The WPS file extension is outdated, and it has become more of a relic when it comes to word processing. It was one of the first word processing programs that were introduced in DOS in the late 1980’s. There are still some old traces of the old relic in some of the hardware that can be traced back to that era, like floppy drives. There are few ways you can change those outdated WPS files over.

Step  1               

Double click on the WPS file and if you’re fortunate enough it will be compatible on Microsoft Word, and you will be asked to change to .doc extensions.

Step  2               

Rename it manually by right clicking on the WPS icon and then choosing ‘Rename’ and while doing this you can change the file extension to .doc, for example change a file name from ‘File.wps’ to ‘File.doc’. Once you do it, you will able to load it on Word.

Step  3               

Copy all the data from the WPS file and then paste it into a new Word file. If you can successfully paste all the data then, great job done! But for the other half who get strange symbols and strings of numbers then you can save the file and just in case have the backup WPS with you.

Step  4               

If you have Microsoft Word you can load the WPS file and then save them as .txt or .doc files.

Step  5               

Worst case scenario, when everything else fails, just download the WPS converter from the Microsoft. This application will help you convert your WPS files into either .txt or .doc formats.


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